Say Yes!

There is a Jim Carey movie that came out a few years ago with a preposterous premise, to say yes to anything you are asked to do.  Because the main character is in such a desperate place, he agrees to to this.  Hilarity ensues and somehow it turns out OK in the end.  But imagine the faith and trust in just an idea that would be required to live out this kind of lifestyle.

Imagine what it would be like if we said yes to God, to the Lordship of Jesus Christ in our lives, to the direction He challenges us to walk in each day.

I often say this to people who are looking for God’s direction in their lives, just say yes to the next step they see before them, which they almost always see clearly. It might be just to pick up a bible instead of a bottle. I might be showing up for Church the next Sunday. It might be signing up for a new ministry.  It might be forgiving their spouse or asking for forgiveness. It is usually not the earth shattering, world changing kind of call many of us look for from God, just the simple yes to the small things in life that lead to the next yes, and the next, and the next, and then eventually to the miracle of a life that has been changed and a life that is changing the world.

All Jesus asked His disciples to do was follow Him, but even then that was not their first yes, the first yes for a few was to get out of the boat, another had to leave the tax tables, others it was just taking the next step down the dusty trail Jesus was walking down.  None had any idea where the yes would lead them.

My first big yes was to accept Christ as my savior, my next was to  pray, after that I begin to read the Bible, I then went to a Bible Study, then to Church, then I served helping with a Church bus, then said yes to tithing, and these simple steps somehow have led to next week when I officially become the Executive Director of the Smith Center for Evangelism and Church growth for the Central Texas Conference of the United Methodist Church.  Who knew, not me, but God did.

The disciples did not know they would be proclaiming the world changing Gospel of Jesus Christ to the courts, palaces, and rulers of their world;, that they would birth a Church that would one day number in the billions.  They just said yes, and then said yes again , and then another yes came, and you know where those yeses led.

If it took faith and trust for Jim Carey’s charter in Yes Man to say yes to everything, it certainly takes faith and trust to say yes to the directions and choices God places before all of us every day.  In his case he is saying yes to an idea. In our case we are saying yes to Jesus Christ the Savior of the world.   There is a reason the Bible teaches that the just live by faith and that we walk by faith and not by sight.  Its a yes that activates the faith that opens up God’s future for those of us who choose to follow Jesus Christ in the faith and trust Christianity requires.

God give us success! Psalm 118:25

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  1. Congratulations, Pastor Mike! Thank you for being my pastor and friend these past 23 years, though our church homes have been many miles apart since 2003. GIBE. You are a blessing to so many of us. “Hi” to Rhonda and a belated HFD! Bob Thomas

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