2 Questions

Is Jesus the answer?

Is the Church the answer?

After the resurrection Jesus met with His disciples and gave them an amazing challenge, “As the Father has sent me, even so I send you!” (John 20:21)

If casting out demons, calming storms, healing the sick, forgiving sin, raising the dead, and teaching the beautiful words of the Kingdom of God make Jesus the answer, then He surely is. When we add the work of the cross and His own resurrection we find the Amazing Grace answer that birthed the Church and still changes hearts and lives today, even saves souls.

I am not sure that many Christians believe that Jesus is the answer, that His Church is the answer.  How do I know?  I see it in what many Christians fight for.  Many worry about who is and is not standing for the National Anthem at a football game, (On both sides of the issue).
They worry about what the 2nd amendment really says about gun ownership, (On both side of the issue).  They worry about which political candidate is elected and will they fix the world the way I want it fixed or will they keep the world the way I want to keep it.  (On both sides of every political issue)

Jesus worried about the hungry, the lost, the misdirected people He came into contact with every day, from the woman at the well to the Pharisee Nicodemus.  Compassion drove Him into some amazing relationships, and obedience to God led Him to the cross.  We discover the one thing that made Him angry. It was that which stood between those hungry, lost misdirected people and God, specifically the money changers at the Temple and the legalism of the scribes and Pharisees that made it impossible for hardly anyone to make find God.

Whatever concerns me in my world, and there is much that does, whatever opinion I have about the polarizing issues of my day, and believe me I have opinions about all those previously mentioned polarizing issues, it still must come back to what I believe is the real answer.  Will the world’s problems be solved if every player at a football game stands for the national anthem?  Will the worlds problems be solved if every player at a football game kneels for the national anthem?

If I really believe that Jesus is the answer, is that belief impacting the relationships I have and am building in my life?  If I really believe the Church is the answer, am I so integrated in giving, serving, and offering my gifts to my Church that is it growing more able to serve and influence the community it is planted in.

God sent Jesus as the answer for the world?  Jesus sent His disciples and birthed the Church as the answer for the world?  Our task is to search for the hurting, hungry, broken, and lost people among our relationships and in our communities; getting distracted by the constant and polarizing issues that keep cropping up is not very helpful but maybe what the devil wants.  What does Jesus Christ want?

Mike Ramsdell



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