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My blog, as well as this site, have a couple of purposes. One is to encourage us on our journey as followers of Christ, an invitation to begin that journey and/or the courage to continue it. I will also share ideas — practical and theological — around a focus of evangelism and church growth. I hope it will be a resource for both personal and church growth.

I think it is more difficult than it has ever been for pastors and churches to succeed in the God-called areas of ministry — evangelism, making disciples, growing, even the mission and outreach that all churches want to do. This just means we have to be more intentional and focused than ever in the task God gives His Church.

If you want to learn more, go to the Smith Center for Evangelism and Church Growth website for additional resources that are designed to assist pastors and church leaders in growing personally in the areas of evangelism and growing the church. In the climate of the church and world today, we might think there are many handicaps to leading and being a successful church. The reality is that there are far more opportunities than handicaps. People will always need Jesus and His Church.